exercise and enrich the connection between physical activity and brain functionality

Capo Capoeira has joined forces with Brain Boost, an enrichment program designed to enhance your child's critical thinking, memory, and focus through fun, hands-on strategic games.

Studies confirm the link between physical activity and academic achievement.

A Columbia University study summarized how exercise affects executive functioning:

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1. Increased oxygen flow to the brain

2. Increased brain neurotransmitters

3. “[Increased] brain-derived neurotrophins that support neuronal
differentiation and survival in the developing brain.” Neurotrophins
assure the survival of neurons in areas responsible for learning,
memory, and higher thinking.

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Classes held at Capo Capoeira.

8256 Wiles Road, Coral Springs. Located in the SW corner of Wiles Rd and Riverside in the Publix Plaza.

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Saturday March 5 at 4 PM or

Wednesday, March 9 at 2:45 PM

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